Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Porcupine Mountains

What an adventure I had last week for my "real" job =) its a great job and I love it....I get to go along on some great trips, and see new places in Michigan's Upper Peninsula...this last trip to The Porcupine Mountains has blown a lot of things I have done out of the water...first off, we explored Bond Falls, then the Sylvania Wilerness Area, Black River Harbor, Copper Peak, hiked the Porcupine Mountains (saw a ton of waterfalls and some amazing views), then we went to the Ontonagon Museum & Lighthouse, and lastly to the Adventure Mine which was uneblieveable! I love the fall colors in these images...because I am able to saturate the colors to show you how vibrant they really were...well saturated images are my favorite! I will try to put little snipits of information below each of the images posted below so you know where they were (if I can remember off the top of my head) =) ENJOY! I hope you venture to the Western end of Michigan's Upper Peninsula SOON.

Bond Falls 

Bond Falls - Lone Backpacker
Sylvania Wilderness

Sylvania Wilderness - Kayaks on Clark Lake

Clark Lake - Sylvania Wilderness

Black River Harbor - LOVED this warm fire...it was amazing.

Copper Peak - An amazing view and experience! Take a chair lift to the top of the mountain and then up an elevator 28 stories to the tippy top of the highest ski jump in North America.

Big Powderhorn Mountain -stayed at a Ski Chalet next to the mountain. it was amazing.

Copper Peak Ski Lift

Beautiful view and fall colors from the top of the Ski lift.

Manabezho Falls - Porcupine Mountain Wilderness State Park

Summit Peak - Porcupine Mountain Wilderness State Park

Lake of the Clouds
Lake of the Clouds

Ontonagon Museum

Ontonagon Museum

Lake of the Clouds

Lake of the Clouds

Ontonagon Lighthouse

Ontonagon Lighthouse

Adventure Mine

Bats in the Cave....thousands of them

Beautiful view

The gang from Travel Michigan & McCann Erickson - "Pure Michigan" - Campaign

About to repel down a 84ft mine shaft at a 45 degree angle eek

I heard a bat....in that hole...I am about to repel down. yikes!


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