Monday, October 11, 2010

Current Favorite Things

I was shopping around Menards the other day for the knobs
and hooks for my new Hanging Rack I made out of a birch branch...
I decided to look at the cook books....
there was one that looked really interesting..
Cooking Light Fresh Food Fast...except it was $23...
a bit out of my price range for a BOOK.
I went home and went on Amazon and bought it for $8...bargain!
I also then bought the book 3 Cups of Tea and I am really excited to read it....
also, I have never been a big red wine person,
but my cousin Melanie introduced me to Malbec wines...and I love them :) very smooth....this one had a smokey flavor and was delicious!
The Bran Nut Muffin was AMAZING.
And last but not least I have been madly flipping through magazines looking for things to meet with the florist this weekend...I have a lot of things to sort out! bUsy BUSY!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Improvising with a Dog.....?

Our family one of a kind. After our latest pup Cooper passed away unexpectedly...I never thought we would find another dog with as much personality as him....but I was wrong...terribly wrong....Seger is by far the oddest dog we have ever his own right and ways...
So why was I tempting him with this big Banana Nut Muffin? so smart...that the second I take out my camera he knows what I am going to do to him...he knows I am about to take pictures of him....and he will do anything in his power to make sure I CANT get the picture. He runs around, jumps on furniture, barks, jumps on me, hides under the table....and it goes on like this forever...(he even does this with phone cameras...yep he is that smart) so anyways.....this time I thought to myself....I need to improvise...and so I went and set my breakfast muffin down on the edge of the table and watched as he balanced on the back of the couch stretched out as far as he could go without falling was...hillarious. And so he sat there...barking occasionally, and whimpering...and I just walked around him taking pictures...I beat him at his own game...and put the one thing in front of him he could not resist! And so here we have too smart for his own good stupid dog...Seger <3 (And YES, I did give him just the teeniest bite afterwards ;)


Crafty Fun: Hanging Rack

I was walking in the woods one afternoon and came across a fallen...super straight and beautiful birch branch...inspiration from nature got my mind searching for how I could use this beautiful branch in my room...that is when I thought of making a Hanging Rack! I went to Menards and bought a few fun "antique looking" but unfortunately NOT antique small cabinet knobs and hooks - the fun part about it is you can get all different types of hooks or knobs. I then came home and started to construct how I wanted to space the hooks and knobs and where I wanted them to go on the birch branch...then my little brother who was home from MTU for the weekend helped me with the manual labor. He went out and sawed off the ends of the branch making them smooth....he then used a drill bit to drill the screw hole and then took a 3/8 inch wood bit to counter sink the screw head into the wood and then screwed the knob onto the screw
 (if that seemed confusing ask someone whose handy - it really means nothing to me either =)
Once the knobs and hooks were fastened onto the birch branch we put it on the wall where we wanted it and screwed it into the wall =)! simple as that! Pictures below show how it turned out! Enjoy!
1 - birch branch/drift wood/ wood of your choice (just make sure its fallen)
4 - knobs or hooks (or a couple of each)
drill bit
wood bit
electric hand saw


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Update on Life

Instead of posting whats going on in every second of every minute of everyday of my life by puting up a Facebook Status...I figured this would be the easiest way to let people "who care" know what is going on with Dusty and can either choose to read it...or not! =)  First off, Dusty skated for 2 weeks in Phoenix with the Coyotes and other players from various leauges, he then went on to the San Antonio Rampage hockey camp in Texas. We just found out today that he will indeed be playing in SA to start off the year and I am really excited for him =) not to mention I get to visit and explore another beautiful state in this country! I will not be moving out to Texas right away because I have a good job here at Northern that I love, and it is hard to leave once you get comfortable...also, hockey is such an up and down sport that to be honest...I would rather be comfortable and at home than following him around wondering where we will be in one month, two months, five job is flexible enough where I can visit him, which is great =) a little Texas heat once a month never hurt ;-)! I also will be able to continue to barrel through our wedding planning with the help of my mom, family and friends. In the end...God has a plan...he will guide Dusty and I through each phase of the season, year, and our lives...I trust that where we are right now is where we are supposed to be.

Dusty in a fight during training camp.......and here we go again another season, more chipped teeth, concussions, and nail biting (on my part)!

           Image Below: The cross pendant, Dusty gave to me for my 20th birthday, it was the first we celebrated together, (wow that seems like forever ago!)...he gave it to me after he picked me up at the airport in Phoenix...this was my first trip to first time seeing the desert, a live cactus...and experiencing unbearable heat ;-).... the heart necklace was Dusty's first "expensive" gift he ever gave to me...he suprised me with it on a hike on top of a huge mountain on our 1 year anniversary that we celebrated in Prescott, Arizona in February of 2008. My ring of course...he gave to me last December when he of the biggest suprises ever...and also best days of my life to date....Dusty saved up and worked hard for every gift he has ever given to me...I am proud to say he has earned every cent of everything he owns...and everything you see in this picture, all on his own,....he has been pretty self disciplined and independent for quite sometime, ...and I admire that about him...the picture (inside the picture haha) is of us in Jamaica, June 2009...what a blast we had! very memorable...and of course...the Holy Bible...says all the rest <3


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