Saturday, January 21, 2012

Instead of spending oodles of money.....

I love DIY projects...

so much that  I even find some fun ones for the handymen in my family to help me with...

The other day I was clicking through and I came across this shelving unit....

It was big and had plenty of space for me to put those things that seem to pile up and take up space 

around a room....the only catch was....this shelving unit was...somewhere in the neighborhood of $800

After observing the shape, and design of the item...I quickly realized it wouldn’t take much time 

or money....if I created it on my own. I grabbed my cell and called up my brother who is quite the 

handyman. I showed him the photo and explained what I was thinking. Two weeks later I have a 

beautiful shelving unit hanging on the wall in my bedroom...a great place for books, photos, and lots

of other random nick-nacks. Oh....and did I mention it saved me $750.00 :) ??? 

p.s. -- thanks for the idea but....I like mine better :) 

Last night I went to the Blizzard Ball -- it is a fundraiser for the Bell Foundation. A local hospital

in the area. Dusty and I had a great time. Below is a photo of the dress I wore! More

photos to come from the night on a future blog post! Have a great Sunday! 

XO Samantha Elizabeth

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